The Answers

  • Fruit Reduction in Trees
    We often get asked, “How do I get rid of the cotton from my Cottonwood Tree or the fruit from my ‘Fruitless Plum’ or Mulberry Trees?” At this time there are 3 solutions. The first solution is a product called Florel. It is a topical spray and will reduce the fruit IF (and that’s a … Read More
  • Mistletoe – It’s not just for Christmas anymore
    Mistletoe is a parasite. It lives within the tree and causes a slow death. By slow, I mean years or even decades. The parasite produces a fruit which is what we see. The fruit takes on the look of the tree that it has invaded; it is leafed on Ash and Cottonwood or needled on … Read More
  • Scale, Scale, Everywhere!
    This tiny, little, moisture-sucking bug makes its host ugly and can eventually kill it. It has many looks and many different hosts. This bug moves with the wind and is very persistent. I have listed a few types here but there are many more. Pinon needle scale presents itself as tiny black bugs on the … Read More
  • Slime Flux or Wet Wood
    There’s a fungus among us! – Very different from a Virus. Every year we receive calls about this horrible gunk coming from the trees, especially Cottonwood, Elm, Redbud, and Mulberry. This is called Slime Flux. Here are some things you should know. It is disgusting (I probably didn’t need to tell you that) and sometimes … Read More
  • Tree Selection in the Albuquerque Metro Area
    Choosing a tree is a lot like choosing a spouse. Your tree choice can often outlive you so make sure you take the time with your selection to suit your specific needs. First ask yourself the question “What do I want from a tree?” Are you looking for a fruit tree? A tree with spring … Read More
  • Watering Your Trees
    Trees prefer: More volume, less frequency At the dripline (the outer perimeter of the tree) rather than at the trunk Most irrigation systems are set up for shrubs and not for trees. Emitters ( ¼ “ spaghetti tubing)  rather than bubblers ( ½” tubing) At the trunk rather than the dripline Scheduled to run frequently … Read More
  • Weed Control
    Most weed killers are designed to kill broad leafed weeds. Trees are broad leafed. Weed killer can stunt the growth and even kill an otherwise healthy tree. The label will never tell you this directly. Even weed-and-feed fertilizers can and will cause damage to trees. A deciduous tree has roots that are about 3 times … Read More
  • Dormant Oil
    Dormant Oil is not a poison. It acts as a suffocant, smothering bugs, eggs, and spores. As such, it does not eradicate bugs. It works to control them, at least the first generation. While it can be a chemical of sorts if it is petroleum based, vegetable-based oil works just as well and are completely … Read More