Monday Robert Cordova and crew removed two trees at my house. Both over 40 foot and both in very confined areas. They showed up right on time and went to wor expertly removing both trees. They were done in 4 hours. They completely cleaned up not only my yard but my neighbors yard as well!!
To say they were Professional is an understatement. The best Customer Service experience I have ever had! From the folks in the Office to the tree crew 100% above and beyond.
You have a customer for life.
Thank you!

Patrick Conley

Courteous and Professional!

The office staff, estimator, and work crew were all courteous and professional. This is the third time I have used their services and each time they have been punctual, removed trees without causing any property damage, and have left the premises cleaner than when they arrived. Highly recommended!

Bob G.

Expert, friendly service

For years we’ve had an arborist and his large Albuquerque landscape firm take care of our trees, but the arborist retired a year ago. This year, along with our needing tree trimming, our large ash tree expressed some bending and broken limbs. I called Baca’s to ask for an arborist to come by and give us a consultation. I didn’t catch the name of the gentleman who came, but he was engaging and friendly, and clearly he enjoys his work. He couldn’t specify the exact disease, but projected that the lifespan of our ash was in terms of several years. We talked about planting an adjacent tree, so that in the next few years it could take over once the ash is removed. He told me about a variety of trees planted along the company’s driveway, and gave me a key to identify the trees, to assist in choosing a replacement for the ash. I was surprised at the end of our visit when the gentleman gave me his card and it showed he was Corkey Baca, the owner.

I got an additional opinion from another arborist, but I was drawn to the thoughtfulness of Corkey, and his firm’s reputation.

Last week Corkey came by with his crew chief, Carlos, to do the trimming and plant our new tree. I was gone during most of the work, but when I returned after the crew had left, I was delighted with the appearance of the pruned trees, including trimming of the ash so that the newly planted tree adjacent to the ash could blossom without interference. My other observation was how neat our yard appeared, after Carlos’ crew had removed so much timber and planted the new tree.

Finally, a couple of acquaintances had told me their sense that Baca’s charges were higher than other firms’ prices. The quote (and bill) from Baca’s was right in line with the charges of our prior long-term arborist’s firm.

In short, I’m very satisfied with Baca’s trees, and Corkey Baca’s style of doing business.

Bryan Beck

Fantastic Job!

I had two trees pulled and an Aspen planted and as always Baca Trees did a fantastic job.

Cori G.


AWESOME! I wish every company the I have to deal with was as professional, efficient, and fair-priced as Baca’s Trees! I have 2 – 30 foot high silver maples with freeze damage and bores, one dead and the other with damaged high limbs. Baca’s gave me a fair price, showed up right on schedule, and removed the dead tree and limbs without a hitch. 6 workers came and worked like a synchronized machine. Literally in and out in 2 hours and didn’t leave so much as a leaf for me to clean up. From the office staff, to the estimator, to the arborist (yes, these guys aren’t “tree trimmers”, they’re surgeons), every step of the process was great. I will never consider or trust any other company with my trees again!

Kevin O.

North Hills tree removals

A few years ago the North Hills Property Association had to remove about 10 trees in various locations along the roads. They are the most professional tree removal service . Efficient, and seriously safety minded they did the work in two days and these were huge trees. Everything was carted away and you would never know they had been there. Bravo for such an outstanding company that really does CARE!!

pe socci

Great to Work With!

Great guys to work with!

Daniel N.

Helpful and Trustworthy!

Very helpful trustworthy.

George C.

They Know Trees!

They know trees and they are quick to respond!

Joe P.

Highly Recommend!

Last Friday, one of Baca Trees’ crews did some tree trimming work at a rental property next door to our home. They did an amazing job! What was a nuisance and an eyesore is now a real visual asset to the neighborhood.

I highly recommend Baca Trees, Inc!

Todd C.

Professional and Timely!

I don’t think a business should be maligned by some bad reviews. While they may be true, every business has bad days now and then. You have to judge for yourself.

I chose Baca’s because they have been around for a long time. And I know they get large contracts, so they have the experience and the equipment to get the job done. Robert showed up a few minutes early for my estimate and quoted a fair price. The crew also showed up early a couple days later, and that was fine with me. They did not mess around and got right to work trimming all the small dead branches and a few large ones from my pine tree. It looks like it got a nice haircut from a pro. The crew cleaned up and hauled off all the debris. Give Baca’s a call. They know trees.

Lynn M.

Professional and Courteous!

Baca’s Trees removed a dead plum tree and stump from my backyard today and you can’t tell there was a tree ever there! The crew arrived early and were very professional and courteous. Will use them again in the near future to plant a new tree. Thank you!

Denise D.

Good, Fast Service!

Good fast service, done right the first time!

Ray S.

Gives Me Hope!

I just wanted to say thank you for including your thoughts on herbicides.  Negative ramifications of increasing chemical use over the years have to be expected.  Sadly, I think many folks don’t even give it a second thought, much less a first.  If we are sterilizing life giving soils, malforming plants, and killing insects, how do we not think this will impact us?!  I am a crusader for organics and integrated pest & weed management; your statement, your thought, “It makes me wonder what these sterilizing weed killers are doing to our food chain in general.”, reminds me that there are others that consider the implications of our “chemical actions”.  That you’ve included this in your email and that it may reach someone who’ll consider that thought and make changes, gives me hope.
On a lighter note, thank you for your quips, quotes, and tidbits. I love your emails!
Jessie L.

Beautiful professional work

I cannot believe how beautiful my trees look now they are the right size for picking fruit and look gorgeous they give beautiful shade
I was really concerned because my trees were growing very tall and they were not looking very good. I had a bumper crop and it was really disheartening to see broken branches prone to insects
when Robert came I could not believe how beautiful of a job he did I recommend his work to anyone who wants a job well done the first time after all you cannot recuperate time or do anything after the tree dies
Thank you you Robert I will follow up with that photo of the beautiful work you did


Five Stars!

Mateo L.

Fast, Excellent Service!

Baca’s Trees were great! It was smooth from getting the estimate to the day of the prune. The guys were fast and the entire experience was better than I expected. They cleaned up after themselves and my tree now looks amazing. I highly recommend and will continue to work with them.

Kristin E.


I highly recommend Baca’s Trees. I needed to have a cottonwood tree removed from my backyard. Dennis Baca came by and gave me what I think is a very fair estimate. The crew arrived exactly as scheduled. In a few hours, the job was done to my complete satisfaction, including clean-up.


Another job well done!

Recent high winds blew down a yucca tree in my front yard. Dennis gave me an estimate to remove it, the professional crew came as scheduled and did a great job of removing all the tree parts and did an immaculate cleanup afterwards! I had the same quality of work done last year when my pinion trees needed pruning. Baca’s is the first firm I call: professional service at a fair price.

Brad Randall

Wow. What a great experience with Baca Trees. They came out took a look at my tree issues. Explained that it was all good and nothing needed to be done. Such professionalism and honesty is refreshing. We highly recommend.

David N.

Great Experience!

Great experience! I am a previous customer and although I only call about every 3 years, when I called, Lora treated me like family. Corkey met me on time and gave me a reasonable estimate. Three weeks later Carlos and crew trimmed all my trees leaving my yard spotless. The consistency of the service and the work is why I will always call Baca’s Trees.

Jeffrey M.

Excellent Service!

I have used Baca’s Trees twice. The first was to remove part of a tree that was causing damage to a block wall. The second was to remove a large stump that remained from a tree I cut down myself. Their service was excellent. They let me know what they intended to do and how much it would cost, they performed the work and it matched the estimate. The field staff was very professional and courteous, and they were backed up by an office staff that kept me informed (emailed proposals, confirmation of appointment, etc.). Very happy.

Mark F.

Wouldn’t Use Anyone Else!

We have used Baca’s several times over the years for major tree jobs. These people are true professionals. This most recent order was to remove two huge branches hanging over our neighbor’s roof and to trim up all the dead branches right to the top of two giant, old cottonwoods. The crew showed up on the dot and was efficient and exacting in their work. After they were done, they left the yard completely clean of any debris, and they gave us a neat stack of firewood. Our neighbors all commented on how great the trees look now, and they marveled at how the workers could get those enormous branches down so cleanly. The bill for the work was exactly as quoted and quite reasonable. This company is awesome. We wouldn’t use anyone else!

Julia J.