Fruit Reduction in Trees

We often get asked, “How do I get rid of the cotton from my Cottonwood Tree or the fruit from my ‘Fruitless Plum’ or Mulberry Trees?” At this time there are 3 solutions. The first solution is a product called Florel. It is a topical spray and will reduce the fruit IF (and that’s a big if) the spray is … Read More

Spider Mites!

The itsy bitsy spiders…they’re everywhere! Pictured above is a juniper with what looks like fur. Those are Spider mites. They live in dense evergreens. Spider mites are no big deal to outdoor trees and shrubs most of the time but, when the infestation gets really dense to the point of showing the fur, they will cause damage. Their natural enemy is larger … Read More

Weed Control

Most weed killers are designed to kill broad leafed weeds. Trees are broad leafed. Weed killer can stunt the growth and even kill an otherwise healthy tree. The label will never tell you this directly. Even weed-and-feed fertilizers can and will cause damage to trees. A deciduous tree has roots that are about 3 times as far reaching as the … Read More

Watering your trees

Trees prefer: More volume, less frequency At the dripline (the outer perimeter of the tree) rather than at the trunk Most irrigation systems are set up for shrubs and not for trees. Emitters ( ¼ “ spaghetti tubing) rather than bubblers ( ½” tubing) At the trunk rather than the dripline Scheduled to run frequently with short durations rather than … Read More

Fear Not the Beetle Apocalypse

Fear Not the Beetle Apocalypse   In the July 30, 2017 edition of the Albuquerque Journal, there was an article entitled “We Know They Are Coming” written by Journal Staff Writer T. S. Last. Since that time, our office has received many calls with comments such as ‘take them out now’. The article referred to several boring beetles including an … Read More

Treebate Program

Albuquerque Journal Friday, March 31st, 2017 As the annual watering restriction schedule goes into effect today, the local water authority is re-launching its “treebate” program, which allows up to $100 credit on a residential water bill for people planting desert-friendly trees or caring for the trees already on their property. The rebate program aims to boost the city’s tree population … Read More

Dormant Oil – To spray or not to spray

Why dormant oil? Our climate is conducive to many varieties of scale including Pinon Needle Scale, and scale on Sycamore, Plum, and Oak trees and euonymus shrubs. Aphids run amuck once things start to flower. Powdery mildew is unsightly on shrubs like euonymus, roses, lilac, and Photinia to name a few. Spider mites love our dry climate and love dense … Read More

Tree Selection in the Albuquerque Metro Area

  Choosing a tree is a lot like choosing a spouse. Your tree choice can often outlive you so make sure you take the time with your selection to suite your specific needs. First ask yourself the question “What do I want from a tree?” Are you looking for a fruit tree? A tree with spring color? A tree with … Read More