Fruit Trees?

What are the best kinds of fruit trees for the Albuquerque area? A friend wants to plant and she lives on the south end of town. The soil is pretty hostile so what do you recommend as far as preparation? Composting is underway but may take awhile. —Barbie, Albuquerque With the exception of citrus, fruit trees do well here. The … Read More

Pecans? Almonds?

How do pecans grow in Albuquerque? And almonds? —Karin   Both Almonds and Pecans grow pretty well in Albuquerque. Pecans mature most years but may not depending if we have a short growing season. When they produce, they produce a good sized nut. Almonds mature every year but produce a smaller nut than the ones you might find in stores. … Read More

Best Time to Prune?

When is the best time to prune, clean and trim sycamore trees? —Chad   Most of the pruning that we do is considered minor pruning and dead wood. It consists of thinning up to 20% of the interior crown, removing crossing branches and all dead wood. This type of pruning can be done any time of the year. Major pruning … Read More

Fast Growing Shade Tree?

I am looking for a fast growing shade tree for my back yard? —Sharron   I highly recommend the Arizona Ash or Modesto Ash. They are both drought tolerant and do well in sandy soils.