Fertilize Fruit Trees?

How often should I fertilize my fruit trees, I have several different kinds? —Donna K., Albuquerque Twice a year in spring and mid-summer.

Pine Tip Moth Season?

When is Pine Tip Moth Season? —Steve W., Alameda Usually the first part of May and the first part of July. You can read more about them here: USDA Forest Service Colorado State University

Best Time to Fertilize Nut Trees?

When is the best time to fertilize nut trees in Albuquerque? —C. Allen, Albuquerque Best time to fertilize a tree is in the spring when new growth is starting.

Watering Shade Trees?

How often should I water shade trees we planted 5 years ago? —Bob E., Belen Every 3 weeks in the winter, every 2 weeks in the spring and every week in hotter part of the summer.

20 Year Old Cottonwood Dying?

What can I do? My cottonwood tree is 20 years old and dying because all of the roots have grown above ground! —Jean L., Albuquerque   We need to look at the tree to determine what can be done. Please call us 505-899-6666.

Fertilize Apple Trees?

How often should I fertilize my apple trees? —Yolanda G., Belen   Twice a year spring and in the mid-summer.

Diagnose Sick Tree?

Can you come out and diagnose a sick tree? —Jane B., Albuquerque That’s our job! Please call us at 505–899-6666

Pinon Beetle Threat?

Are piñon bark beetles still a threat to my trees in Albuquerque? —Karen S., Rio Rancho   YES, they can really destroy a tree very quickly. Be sure to keep your evergreens and pinons well watered. It helps when they have to fight off these insects.

Partly Dead Tree?

Only part of my tree looks dead, the rest of the tree has new growth. Will I lose the whole tree. It is 15 feet tall. —Edward L., Albuquerque   We need to look at the tree to determine what can be done please. Call us 505-899-6666.

Cut Back Neighbors Trees?

My neighbor has huge trees which hang over the property line–and my roof!! Can you tell me if it’s against the law for me to have the portions of those trees that overhang my house cut back? —Rebecca L., Albuquerque   We get this question quite often, and the answer is that it is legal to trim back anything overhanging … Read More