Dwarfed Leaves and Feeding Trees

Question: Good morning, thank you so much for your monthly tree advice column.We live in the south valley and we have a couple of trees that we are uncertain of.1.The Hawthorne-  we planted the Hawthorne about two years ago and this year the leaves seem dwarfed (very small not full size).  I’ve done a couple of google searches on this … Read More

Spray Pinon With Scale?

When do you recommend applying dormant oil spray to piñon pines with scale in the Santa Fe area? -P.F. Answer: Hi P.F., We diagnose Pinon Needle scale as black dots that suck the moisture from the needles causing them to brown and fall off. Although this is deadly, it is a slow death taking at least a few years of … Read More

Hacked Evergreen?

I have two very tall (previously) bell shaped evergreens that my neighbors hired hands chopped the heck out of. Half of the “bell” is now gone. Will this destabilize my trees? -B. Answer: Good Afternoon B., Bummer about your trees! Unfortunately, homeowners are allowed to trim everything that hangs over their side of the property line and they are not … Read More

Help With Young Cottonwoods?

I planted a cottonwood about 4 years ago. it has grown well every season.  I water it a little bit in the dormant season. This spring it has failed to bud, I have a sister tree planted at the same time and it has full leaves. The branches on the dormant tree are still flexible and do not feel dead … Read More

Planting a Memorial Tree?

I’m interested in a tree for my backyard. It will serve as a memorial to some beloved pets that have passed away in recent years and I want to have a final resting place for their ashes. The space I have is small, so I’m thinking about an ornamental or fruitless fruit tree. Flowers in the spring or summer would … Read More

Box Elder Beetles?

I have what I believe to be Box Elder bugs around my home, walls, and trees. Do these cause damage or disease to my landscape? If so, what is the proper treatment? Finally, how much is it to diagnose the issues and treat if necessary? -Valerie Answer: Good morning, Valerie. Box Elder beetles are seed eaters. They do not eat … Read More

Trees fertilized by injection process?

I have a client who wants to have his trees fertilized by injection process to help assure the trees growth and health. Majority of trees are large 40-50′ cottonwoods and ponderosa pines. Can you tell me your process and a ballpark on cost per tree? Most of the time, when we fertilize, we do so to promote growth. I’m not … Read More

I want apricots!

When is the best time to spray dormant spray and how can I get my trees to flower after the last frost? I want apricots! I received your message on dormant spray but I was waiting for the Apples to bud. That’s the time when the oil is most effective for your trees. Spraying dormant oil does not help prevent … Read More

My Cypress tree has a brown top?

My Cypress tree has a brown top…Will this happen to all of my Cypress trees? I have not looked at the Cypress but, if there are more, we probably should look at it to protect the other trees. Some of the bugs that like Cypress also like Juniper.

Bright Green Nest In Ash Tree?

HELP: I have this big bright green nest in my Ash tree! More than likely, your Ash tree does have Mistletoe. It is all over your area. This particular parasite really only affects Ash and Cottonwood. The parasite lives in the trees and kills the vascular system. On its own, it is a slow mover and a slow killer so … Read More