Tree Selection in the Albuquerque Metro Area

Choosing a tree is a lot like choosing a spouse. Your tree choice can often outlive you so make sure you take the time with your selection to suit your specific needs.

First ask yourself the question “What do I want from a tree?”

  • Are you looking for a fruit tree?
  • A tree with spring or autumn color?
  • A tree to add privacy or serve as a noise barrier?
  • A fast growing, shade tree?
  • An ornamental that will add interest to your front yard?

Colorful Trees In Spring

  • Crabapple trees come in lots of sizes and shapes. The flower, the fruit, and the leaf color will add interest to your landscape. They don’t have to be messy trees. Some produce very little or no fruit. Persistent fruit stays on the tree until it dries and are not messy.

Flowering Cherry, Washington Hawthorn, and Redbud  are also nice choices.

  • Chanticleer Pear trees have nice spring and fall colors and, depending on the variety you choose, can make great shade trees.

Colorful Trees In Fall

Fast Growing Shade Trees

True Desert Trees

Noise or privacy barriers

Photinia and Silverberry can make nice trees if properly pruned. Wichita Blue Juniper, Skyrocket Juniper, and Spartan Juniper are nice Juniper varieties. If you are looking for full sized trees, Austrian Pine, or Arizona Cypress are all good picks.

Tree-bates are available from ABCWUA for many popular selections.