Slime Flux or Wet Wood

There’s a fungus among us! – Very different from a Virus.

Every year we receive calls about this horrible gunk coming from the trees, especially Cottonwood, Elm, Redbud, and Mulberry. This is called Slime Flux. Here are some things you should know.

  • It is disgusting (I probably didn’t need to tell you that) and sometimes has an odor.
  • It is often characterized as “bleeding” or “crying”. It is neither.
  • The goo (that’s a technical term) can emit from any hole or crack in the tree.
  • It will start and stop from different spots throughout the life of the tree.
  • At the point of emission, the wood dies back a little. In joints of the tree, it can weaken the joints. Older Elm and Cottonwood should be inspected for a Safety Prune at least every 2-3 years.
  • It is bacterial in nature, but it is relatively benign.
  • It is only deadly in a Willow Tree. Other trees can live with it for the entire normal life of the tree.
  • THERE IS NO TREATMENT OR CURE but, since it doesn’t really hurt anything, no cure is needed.
  • You can mix a spray bottle of 1/10 bleach/water to control the odor but it will not stop the slime flux.