Help: Pinon Trees with mold

Question: Hello,I have two pinon trees in my back yard that have some white looking mold/fuzz that has appeared on the bark. I think it’s probably some kind of bugs. Is this something you can spray for? Please.


Answer: Thank you for your inquiry, Bret. This white stuff is the nesting for Pinon Needle Scale. This bug attacks the older needles and sucks the moisture out of them. The needles brown and fall off prematurely leaving the tree looking thin. It can eventually kill the tree but initially, it just makes it look thin and sickly. With the hard stream of the hose, clean all of that off. It will come back. Clean it off again. You might also have to clean the bed of needles. If you can keep the nesting away, you can still get the bug the infestation will be minor. If you wanted to treat your tree, Dormant Oil is the best thing to use and now (before it gets too hot) is the best time to use it.Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you.
Thank you … Camille