Hacked Evergreen?

I have two very tall (previously) bell shaped evergreens that my neighbors hired hands chopped the heck out of. Half of the “bell” is now gone. Will this destabilize my trees?


Answer: Good Afternoon B.,

Bummer about your trees! Unfortunately, homeowners are allowed to trim everything that hangs over their side of the property line and they are not required to do it right or make it look good.

We are always concerned when more than 30% of the live growth is trimmed off this time of year. The trees will go into shock and, although they may not show signs right away, could even die. Heavily water the tree to help compensate for the shock. DO NOT FERTILIZE for at least a year. This can throw the tree further into shock.

If you would like for us to give you a complimentary estimate for corrective pruning, please give us a call and we will schedule a visit.

Thank you …

Camille Certified Arborist

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