Planting a Memorial Tree?

I’m interested in a tree for my backyard. It will serve as a memorial to some beloved pets that have passed away in recent years and I want to have a final resting place for their ashes. The space I have is small, so I’m thinking about an ornamental or fruitless fruit tree. Flowers in the spring or summer would be lovely. I’m particularly fond of flowering locust trees. Colors in the fall would be plus, but not a priority. But most of all, it needs to withstand the intense heat of summer and the drought we face nearly every year. I do water my plants and trees, but the best water of all is rain and we don’t get very much. The ashes will be buried in containers that will not biodegrade, so ash-tolerant is not an issue. It will be more about beauty, simplicity, and the attraction to birds. If you have suggestions, I am most eager. If you can offer your services in providing the tree, plus help with the planting, that would also be wonderful. I would like to do this in the spring, at whatever time is best for the tree. Thank you.


Answer:  Hi L.W., I want to offer my condolences. I think planting new life is a great way to memorialize those people and pets that have marked our lives.

With the information you have given, there are many trees that would work very well. You mentioned the flowering Locust.  These trees can get quite large. If you are thinking of a patio-sized tree you might consider a persistent crabapple tree. These are not messy. The fruit stays on the tree and does not drop until they are dried like raisins when the new leaves are coming in. There are several varieties with different leaf color, fruit color, size and shapes.   Red Jewel Crabapple, Royal Raindrops, and Prairifire are a few. You might also consider a Weeping Cherry or an upright Flowering Cherry. I have included links to these trees. The sizes are not accurate for our environment. Deduct about 20% of height and width to get a better picture of how big the trees will get.

Remember that we are not a nursery. We simply sell tree and shrub services. We purchase most of our trees locally. When you are ready, we can meet you at the nursery to pick out a healthy tree. I love shopping! We will then schedule a planting date. We offer a one-year warranty on planting.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Thank you …

Camille Certified Arborist

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