Help With Young Cottonwoods?

I planted a cottonwood about 4 years ago. it has grown well every season.  I water it a little bit in the dormant season. This spring it has failed to bud, I have a sister tree planted at the same time and it has full leaves. The branches on the dormant tree are still flexible and do not feel dead but the tree is still 100 % dormant.

Any chance of it coming back this year? Next? Or did I kill it?


Answer: Hi  L.J,

Do not yet give up on your tree! There are many things that can stress trees including but not limited to a lack of water, weed killer, auto traffic near the car (lack of oxygen), etc. It could even be just a different variety of Cottonwood. Stress means that it will be late but still come out. Give it at least 4 more weeks. If, at that point, you do not have buds, call us and we can go take a look.

Thank you …

Camille Certified Arborist

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