Box Elder Beetles?

I have what I believe to be Box Elder bugs around my home, walls, and trees. Do these cause damage or disease to my landscape? If so, what is the proper treatment? Finally, how much is it to diagnose the issues and treat if necessary?


Answer: Good morning, Valerie. Box Elder beetles are seed eaters. They do not eat trees or other landscape. They are truly just a nuisance bug. You probably have them because you have a Golden Rain Tree or a Maple. You can spray the ground and seeds with an over-the-counter bug spray, you can have us come in and spray for you, but these bugs literally do not hurt anything. Regardless of how you try to control them, if you have seeds, they will probably come back. You should try to control them if they are around your house because they have been known to come into the house. If they are not bothering you, you can leave them. They attract other beneficial critters such as lizards which attract roadrunners which allow us somewhere down the food chain to eat chicken ;o). Estimates are free.  Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I can do for you.

Thank you …

Camille Certified Arborist

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