Tree Selection in the Albuquerque Metro Area


Choosing a tree is a lot like choosing a spouse. Your tree choice can often outlive you so make sure you take the time with your selection to suite your specific needs.

First ask yourself the question “What do I want from a tree?”

  • Are you looking for a fruit tree?
  • A tree with spring color?
  • A tree with fall color?
  • A tree with to add privacy or noise barrier?
  • A shade tree?
  • An ornamental that will add interest to your front yard?

Selecting a fruit tree

There are many varieties that do great in this area.

  • Several apple varieties are available in a conventional tree. You can choose between an eating apple like Gala or a more tart apple like Granny Smith for pie making.
  • Espaliered Apple trees are super cool! You can get several varieties grafted onto one trunk. These work great if you don’t have a lot of space because they are usually planted against a wall.
  • Cherry trees. You can choose a sweet cherry like a Bing or a tart cherry like a Montmorency. Some cherry trees need a pollinator (boyfriend) in order to produce fruit. Make sure you select the correct variety for your needs.
  • Peach/Nectarine trees are available in many sizes included a true dwarf which will only get to be about 5’ tall. These are great if you have small kids, you need a tree for a pot or just don’t want to have to climb a ladder to pick your fruit.
  • Pomegranate trees are nice. Pretty flower and they usually produce well here.
  • Almond and Walnut trees are an option. They can be great shade providers while still producing.

Colorful trees in Spring

  • Crabapple trees come in lots of sizes and shapes. The flower, the fruit, and the leaf color will add interest to your landscape. They don’t have to be messy trees. Some produce very little or no fruit. Persistent fruit stays on the tree until it dries and are not messy.
  • Flowering Cherry , Purple Leaf Plum, Washington Hawthorn, and Redbud are also nice choices.
  • Flowering Pear trees have nice spring and fall colors and, depending on the variety you choose, can make great shade trees.

Colorful trees in Fall

Fast growing shade trees

Noise or privacy barriers really need to be evergreen unless your nuisance noise is only in the summer. Some dense shrubs can work such as Photinia and Silverberry. Wichita Blue, Skyrocket, and Spartan are nice Juniper varieties. If you are looking for full sized trees, Vanderwolf Pine, Afghan Pine, or Austrian Pine.

One Comment on “Tree Selection in the Albuquerque Metro Area”

  1. I’m interested in a tree for my backyard. It will serve as a memorial to some beloved pets that have passed away in recent years and I want to have a final resting place for their ashes. The space I have is small, so I’m thinking about an ornamental or fruitless fruit tree. Flowers in the spring or summer would be lovely. I’m particularly fond of flowering locust trees. Colors in the fall would be a plus, but not a priority. But most of all, it needs to withstand the intense heat of summer and the drought we face nearly every year. I do water my plants and trees, but the best water of all is rain and we don’t get very much. The ashes will be buried in containers that will not bio-degrade, so ash-tolerant is not an issue. It will be more about beauty, simplicity, and the attraction to birds. If you have suggestions, I am most eager. If you can offer your services in providing the tree, plus help with the planting, that would also be wonderful. I would like to do this in the spring, at whatever time is best for the tree. Thank you. – Liz

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