Trees fertilized by injection process?

I have a client who wants to have his trees fertilized by injection process to help assure the trees growth and health. Majority of trees are large 40-50′ cottonwoods and ponderosa pines. Can you tell me your process and a ballpark on cost per tree?

Most of the time, when we fertilize, we do so to promote growth. I’m not sure how much more growth you would want to get from 40-50′ Cottonwood and Ponderosa Pine Trees. Often times, to promote health (not just growth) we prescribe something other than fertilizing such as watering or soil amenities. We would need to look at the trees and determine what they need on a case by case basis.

That said, our process is to inject the soil using 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer. We will inject 20-30 gallons of water per tree. Personally, when we are promoting growth this time of year, I like to spray to the leaves with the same fertilizer. The price is based on access and size of the tree. I do not have a set price. If you send me the address, I can look at the trees online and try to give you an approximate price.

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  1. I will try and leave a question here is returning mail.
    Large canopy cottonwood
    I should be leaving my hoses around the perimeter of the canopy for extended periods of time for deep watering ? And what about the frozen ground And freezing surface roots. Thanks

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