I want apricots!

When is the best time to spray dormant spray and how can I get my trees to flower after the last frost? I want apricots!

I received your message on dormant spray but I was waiting for the Apples to bud. That’s the time when the oil is most effective for your trees. Spraying dormant oil does not help prevent freezing. Unfortunately, the closer you are to the river, the more extreme temperatures we have. In the afternoons, we have warm weather that welcomes buds and in the mornings they are sorry. So if Mark Ron-cutie says it is 32 degrees, it is probably closer to 27 here in the valley. There are several things you can do to mitigate freezing. 1) You can string Christmas lights on your tree and turn them on overnight when Mark says it is going to freeze. The non-LED get warmer. 2) You can wrap your trunk with cardboard. 3) You can water your tree when the temperature is warm and sunny. Wet soil retains solar heat and releases it at night.

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